• The Staff is doing a great job, they came in and in the 1st month they killed 20 moles.

    Mike Mt Carmel
  • Great Job Staff, 10 moles in two weeks.

    Molly Anderson
  • They came out and caught a raccoon in one night.

    Dan Downtown
  • In 3 months, the staff had my yard mole free.

    Theresa Hamilton
  • My 2 acres was a mole field, in 6 months I was able to seed again, amazing work guys.

    Frank Blue Ash
  • They got rid of every mole in 3 months.

    Linda Milford
  • In 2 months the staff had my yard mole free.

    Steve Mason
  • In the first week the staff killed 30 moles!

    Kathy Zenia
  • In 1 month the staff killed 22 moles.

    Connie West Chester
  • Great follow up, professional and friendly staff!

    Brenda Lawrenceburg