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What you need to know about moles

The Eastern Ground Mole does not hibernate and consumes nearly 100% of its body weight in food every day. They work tirelessly day and night, tunneling for worms, grubs, and bugs. The end result is almost always a destroyed lawn. You can take the 1st step in making sure that does not happen by calling and allowing us to structure a plan of attack to get rid of your mole problem

1) Once moles are in your yard, rarely do they go away.

2) As the years go by, and they continue to reproduce the problem often gets worse.

3) The tunneling can get so bad, that the destruction can include collapsed driveways, walkways, and above ground pools.

4) Trapping the moles is the only true way to get rid of them. Poison pellets, worms, and sound sticks have a very little effect, if any, on the moles.

5) Our trapping methods are aggressive, constant and effective.

No job is too small or too big!





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