Here Are 6 Clear Signs There Are Moles in Your Yard!


Like most homeowners, you take pride in keeping your yard looking its best. But what happens when you notice small dirt scattered throughout your lawn? These could be signs that you have moles in your yard. Moles are small, burrowing mammals that can wreak havoc on your lawn by digging tunnels and creating unsightly mounds of dirt.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top signs you have moles in your yard.


One of the most obvious signs that you have moles in your yard is the appearance of molehills. These are small mounds of dirt pushed up by the moles as they dig their tunnels. 

Molehills can range from a few inches to several feet across, depending on the mole’s size and the tunnel’s depth. If you see molehills in your yard, it’s a pretty good indication that you have moles.

Raised Ridges

Another sign that you have moles in your yard is the appearance of raised ridges or tunnels in your lawn. These ridges are created by the moles as they tunnel through the soil. The ridges can be seen as raised soil lines running across your lawn. They can be challenging to see at first, but if you look closely, you can spot them.

Damaged Roots

Moles are notorious for damaging plant roots as they tunnel through the soil. If you notice that your plants are wilting or if they’re not growing as well as they should be, it could be a sign that moles are damaging their roots. In some cases, you may even see tunnels running through the root system of your plants.


Moles create small holes in the ground as they burrow through the soil. These holes can be challenging to spot at first, as they’re usually very small. However, seeing several small holes in your yard could be a sign that moles are present.

Disturbed Soil

Moles can create a lot of disturbance in the soil as they tunnel through it. If you notice that the soil in your yard is loose or uneven, it could be a sign that moles are present. You may also notice that the soil is raised in certain areas, indicating that moles have been tunneling through those areas.

Unusual Behavior from Pets

If you have pets that spend time in your yard, they may be able to detect the presence of moles before you do. Dogs, in particular, are known for detecting moles and other burrowing animals. If your pets spend much time sniffing around in one area of your yard, it could indicate that moles are present.

How to Prevent Moles in Your Yard

While moles can be a nuisance, there are steps you can take to prevent them from taking up residence in your yard. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Remove Food Sources: Moles are attracted to grubs and other insects that live on your lawn. Removing these food sources can make your yard less attractive to moles. Use insecticides to remove grubs, and keep your lawn well-maintained to prevent other insects from residing there.
  • Install Barriers: You can install barriers around your yard to prevent moles from tunneling through. These barriers can be made from materials like mesh or wire and should be buried at least a foot deep to be effective.
  • Use Repellents: Various mole repellents on the market can effectively keep moles away. These can come in sprays, granules, or even electronic devices emitting high-pitched noise that moles find unpleasant.


If you suspect that you have moles in your yard, it’s important to take action to prevent them from causing damage. Look for signs like molehills, raised ridges, and disturbed soil, and take steps to remove their food sources and install barriers to keep them out. You can keep your yard looking its best and free from moles with a little effort.

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4 Things You Need to Know About Ground Mole Trapping

mole trapping

You need to always be vigilant when it comes to getting rid of pests – especially pests that are tearing up your yard. 

Pest control is a close to $30 billion industry. Many of the calls these professionals handle involve mole trapping and removal. 

You have a lot to think about if you have a mole problem in your yard. Here’s how you can take action. 

1. Know the Signs of Moles and Why They’re Pests

Before calling a professional, you need to take inventory of the problem to see if you have a mole issue. Walk around your yard to see if you notice ridges that look like patterns of travel. 

These raised areas of dirt are signs that these lawn pests are present and have been tearing up your yard. Some of the different types of damage that moles do to your yard include killing your grass, loose soil spots, and holes and patches throughout your yard. 

2. Consider the Mole Trapping Method

So, how do you get these moles out of your yard? You need to learn about the different trapping methods to know what’s required for your yard. 

Consider whether you know how to trap moles and whether you’re up for the job. Trapping moles can be as simple as placing a bucket at the end of their path of travel. 

Once the mole is in the bucket, you can simply take it off site. 

3. Hire a Professional

It’s often best to hire the help of a professional that can set up mole traps or otherwise get rid of them for you. Find some options for a mole removal expert and learn about their methods. 

Find out what kind of products they use and get a thorough explanation of the removal. A licensed wildlife removal professional will be up-to-date on state and local regulations for removal moles. They will remove your moles with detail and care. 

Ask about their prices and find the best professional available to help you out.   

4. Keep the Moles Away

After you have either gotten rid of moles or hired a professional to do it, make sure that you do everything you can to keep them away. Put together a homemade mole repellent that you can use to keep them out of your yard. 

Survey your yard regularly to make sure that you’re watching for the signs and symptoms of these rodents. Don’t leave any open food sources out in your yard. This can attract moles, in addition to raccoons and other critters. 

You might also choose to work with a landscaper to build a barrier garden. Research the types of plants that moles hate and plant them liberally throughout your yard space. 

Mole Control on Your Terms

These four tips will help you handle your mole trapping needs. Do everything that you can to keep these pests away so that your grass can stay green and your garden can blossom. 

Trap Your Moles can help you get rid of these critters. Use our website to contact us online or call us at (513)518-5639.

Understanding the Benefits of Professional Raccoon Removal Services

raccoon removal

If you ever need help getting rid of a raccoon problem, you won’t have to look very far. 

Pest control is a $26 billion industry. Many people will handle small bug infestations on their own unless they’ve completely gotten out of hand. But when you have a raccoon problem, you can never gamble with going the DIY removal route. 

The tips below will explain the importance of raccoon removal service and why you shouldn’t handle it on your own. 

Raccoon Removal Can Get Dangerous

Hiring an animal control or wildlife removal professional is essential because raccoon removal can be downright dangerous. 

Are raccoons aggressive? In general, they’re gentle creatures who are more afraid of you than you are of them. However, raccoons have sharp teeth and claws and can become aggressive when protecting their young, or just in general, like most wild animals. 

If the raccoon becomes afraid or defensive when you try to remove it yourself, aggression and an attack can come next. Raccoons also carry rabies more than other animals, which can make them aggressive and more likely to come up to you, rather than keep their distance. 

It’s better to call a professional rather than risk injury. 

Raccoons Carry Disease

Raccoons also carry disease and can make you ill if you’re bitten or have too much close contact with them. Not only do they spread disease in general, but they often dumpster dive and spend a lot of time in garbage and filth. 

They can spread harmful bacteria to you and others in your household. 

Pros Have the Knowledge and Tools

It’s also best to hire a pest control expert because they have the knowledge and skill that you don’t. They understand the nature of raccoons and other animals and are trained to skillfully remove them with the least amount of trouble. 

Today, wildlife removal pros are skilled at trapping animals rather than killing them, so you’ll be glad to see that the work was humane. They have tools that can help them remove animals stuck in high and awkward places. These pros can also lure out raccoons that are hiding or resisting removal. 

Hiring a Pro Is Less Stressful

Getting the nerve to remove a wild animal from your home can be quite the stressful ordeal. You’re likely going to spend most of the time afraid to do it and even dreading the removal, fearing the worst. 

Instead, you can just get in touch with a wildlife removal professional that can take care of the project for you without an issue. It’ll be money well spent for the stress relief alone. Their skill sets are versatile since many also provide ground mole removal and other services. 

Find the Raccoon Removal Service That You Need

The tips above explain why getting the help of a raccoon removal pros is a necessity whenever you’re dealing with these wild rodents. You’re taking on lots of risk doing it yourself, and don’t have the skills or experience to handle the project as well as a pro can. 

For that reason, use this guide to push you toward finding the right professionals for the job. 

Trap Your Moles can help you with any project, whether you need to get rid of a raccoon or learn how to get rid of ground moles. Take the time to contact us online or give us a call at (513)518-5639.