ground mole

Ground Mole Damages: Why You Don’t Want to Share Your Home With These Pests

Moles are garden mammals with an average size and weight of 3.3 cm and 115 grams, respectively. They dwell in gardens, yards, and lawns, although they eat the insects and
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mole traps

How to Catch a Ground Mole Using Mole Traps

Are there mounds of dirt appearing in your yard? Have you run across a few grey, furry creatures with large paws?  You are experiencing a take-over by the common grey
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how to get rid of ground moles

How to Get Rid of Ground Moles: 6 Tips From the Experts

If a mole is in your yard, they can dig a hole that is about 2 inches in diameter and up to 12 inches below the surface.  Once they’ve started
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mole damage

Is That Mole Damage? 6 Tell-Tale Signs of Pests in the Yard

Once a mole finds a new home in your yard, they often choose to stay there. In many cases, moles won’t simply find a new home. They have to be
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ground mole removal

Enjoy a Pest-Free Yard: A Complete Guide to Ground Mole Removal

You’ve put a lot of work into your yard and it’s paid off. The garden is in full bloom, your lawn is healthy and green, and there are little hills
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