Ground Mole Trapping: How To Build a Ground Mole Trap

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Did you know that ground moles can eat nearly their entire body weight worth of earthworms in a single day? 

Despite them being such fascinating creatures, ground moles can wreak havoc on your property if you don’t take action to manage them. The problem that people often face is that they don’t know how to get started with ground mole trapping. 

We’ve created a guide to help you out. Keep reading if you want to find out more. 

Find the Ground Moles 

Not all ground mole burrows are active tunnels. If you want to find out if they are active, press down some soil into each burrow and then return to check on them a few days later. Tunnels that ground moles have raised again are active. 

You should focus on placing ground mole grasp around these holes. 

Keep in mind that most DIY mole removal techniques are not effective. This is why you should instead use the best Ground mole traps.

Build a Trap

You can build a trap with materials that are lying around your home such as a plastic bottle or a jar. If you use a plastic bottle, you’ll need to cut the top off. 

Then get a piece of string and attach a piece of hard candy or gum to one end. Fasten the other end to the top of the jar or bottle so that it is dangling above the top of the jar. 

You’ll then need to go to an active burrow. Take a shovel or a space and excavate a hole that is just big enough for your bottle or jar to fit into. Place the jar or bottle into the bottom of the burrow. 

Next, cover the burrow’s opening with a board so that it blocks sunlight from coming inside. 

Catching a Mole 

One of the most important DIY ground mole trapping tips is to be patient. It might take a day or two for a mole to fall into your trap. Check it regularly to see if you’ve caught one. 

If you do not end up catching a mole in the trap you’ve set, consider hiring a ground mole removal service to help you out. This is an especially good idea if you have many moles on your property. 

Relocate the Mole 

If you catch a mole, you should relocate it away from your land. Consider moving it to a location that is far away from your neighbors’ properties as well. 

Get Started with Ground Mole Trapping Today 

If there are too many ground moles on your property, it’s important to know how to get started with ground mole trapping. After setting your trip, keep an eye on it to find out if you’ve trapped one. 

Are you looking to hire the best ground mole trapping service? If so, we are here to help you. Contact us today to get a free quote. 

Animal Removal: Animal Control Myths That You Should Know

Animal removal

Animal attacks are a major fear among humans, mostly due to movies, games, and various stories that depict animals as vicious, mindless, killing machines with no real reason for their actions. This image couldn’t be further from the truth, though. In reality, the animals most likely to seriously harm you are ones most of us wouldn’t expect.

The deadliest animals in the United States, for instance, include cows, deer, dogs, and bees. The good news is that some dangerous or even just pesky animals can be dealt with by calling for animal removal.

Much like the animals we fear, there are many misconceptions about animal control that continue to persist. We’ll discuss and dispel them in this article.

Animal Control Only Catches Unruly Animals

In addition to helping get rid of pests, animal control also picks up strays and takes them to shelters. There’s a persistent belief that all stray animals were abandoned because they are misbehaving.

Behavioral issues are the most commonly-cited reason for animal surrender, this covers a lot of situations, many of which aren’t really the animal’s fault. The biggest is difficulty training the animal.

Let’s face it, training a cat or dog isn’t easy, and many people underestimate the amount of dedication it takes. In some cases, the pet runs away and the owners can’t find it. Cats are notorious for this, sometimes running away for days, weeks, or even months at a time and then returning whenever they feel like it.

Animal Control Will Only Catch Stray Animals

Animal Control does a lot more than just catching former pets. Anybody who’s ever had an unwelcome wild animal in their home knows this. 

The problem is that getting rid of animal intruders isn’t easy. Whether your problem is squirrels, moles, or even a raccoon, kicking them out is often much harder than it seems. 

If you find a raccoon in your house, for instance, chances are it isn’t alone. Raccoons often sneak into people’s attics to raise young.

Putting Animals in Shelters Just Guarantees Them an Unhappy Life

This idea is blatantly false and does nothing but discourage less wealthy people from adopting. Being rich doesn’t make you a better pet owner, and most people benefit from having a pet.

Adopting animals is often more affordable than breeding them, but that money isn’t taken from any vital parts of adoption. Shelters still run background checks on potential owners and ensure that the pet isn’t too aggressive to adopt. The only thing that’s been slashed is the adoption fee because the shelter is a nonprofit and is more about helping animals than making money.

Animal Removal and Rescue

Animal control has gotten a bad reputation over the years, and it doesn’t deserve it. Animal Control workers catch animals so the animals can go to a shelter and get a chance at adoption and a better, safer life.

The same is true for animal removal. Humans and wild animals are an active danger to each other, so it’s better for both species if they’re separated.

Do you have moles in your yard? We can tell you what to look for.